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Dak Lak Province has an excellent climate for cultivating avocados. Currently an estimated 50,000 smallholders are growing about 250,000 avocado in Dak Lak. The annual traded volume of avocado is at least 25,000 tons.

Until now farmers have propagated most trees by seed, resulting in a lot of heterogeneity. To address this issue the Provincial Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has invested in an avocado variety testing program. Since 2002 about 50 different varieties are tested both on station at the Western Agriculture Research Institute (WASI) and on farm. Several varieties are showing promising results, especially the Booth variety is doing well. The coming years the DAKADO project will assist in the introduction of good quality avocado seedlings to assure a homogenous avocado.

Because of the growing domestic market and increasing prices, local farmers are investing in small avocado orchards of about half to 1 hectare. These more specialised farmers use grafted avocado seedlings for their orchards.

The growing avocado sector in Dak Lak provides interesting investment opportunities, for avocado production, trade and avocado processing. The availability of large volumes of cheap avocados might be an interesting option to produce avocado oil. Another idea might be to process the avocados into frozen avocado chunks (IQF) which can be easily traded in the region.

Whatever your ideas are, the DAKADO project team is interested to meet you and assist you in investing into the Dak Lak avocado sector.