Discover the magic from the Central Highlands of Vietnam

The best Vietnamese avocados are grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and Dak Lak Province in particular.

Dak Lak is one of the most important coffee growing areas in the world, it is further famous for crops, cashew nuts, pepper and more and more for its avocados.

The majority of the Dak Lak avocados arenít grown in orchards, but as wind breaks and shade trees around and in coffee fields. However, since the knowledge about the nutritional value of avocados has become more widespread among Vietnamese consumers, demand has been increasing and avocado production is developing strongly.

The further development of the avocado production offers great benefits to the environment: ‘The avocado is not only a gift from nature; it also is a gift to nature’.

Some facts:

  • In the Central Highlands of Vietnam avocado trees were originally planted only for their cooling shade. However, the leaves not only provide shade, but also lower the air temperature by evaporating water;
  • Moreover, avocado trees have an impressive impact on the supply and quality of fresh air: one avocado tree produces nearly 118 kilograms of oxygen and an orchard with one hectare of avocado trees removes up to 6.4 tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year;
  • Avocado orchards can reduce storm water run-off and reduce the risk of flooding. By slowing surface water run-off and filtering rainwater, avocado orchards can improve the quality, quantity and availability of surface water;
  • The roots of avocado trees stabilize the soil and prevent erosion;
  • Farmers in Dak Lak Province do not need special pesticides to grow avocado trees.